Business in a digital world


THIS is further illumination on the local impact of digital business as we take what we term as Dessicates (Digitalised Economic Structures Synchronising Institutions Capacity Advancing Top Earning Space) forward as the emblem for digital economy in PNG.
Fascinatingly we are in a modernised business world brought to our doorstep free from the fuss of traditional business practice.
PNG has an abundance of natural and human resources. Combining the innate potential will produce unprecedented results. We are making reference to a function in the domains and ranges of these relationships and computing recursively to derive a character for a value to factor in a procedure to produce an end result according to one’s expectation.
This is the process of object encapsulation about the concept of information hiding and data abstraction. This filtrate of the derivative holds a value to terminate in a loop or create a subroutine in a computer programme. There is the answer you are looking for to solve a puzzle in any business solution you are looking for.

Technology and its efficiency in operation
When you own a particular business in the technology world, you have a clear and unambiguous cash-flow because you are in contact with your customers whether global or local. You do not need an education to operate your business with a smart phone. This is the inherent advantage; anyone with a smart phone or an ipod, ipad, a tablet, desktop or a laptop does not have to have a certificate of a formal education, a diploma or a university Ddegree to touch any one of these devices.
Whatever you see as a picture on the device is what you press to give you a tour guide to the world of business on the planet.
It is known as reading of the graphical user interface which has functions to connect to the memory and the microprocessor in a reduced instruction or a concurrent processing on the microchip to inform you on your screen.
Doing a warehouse inventory, the computer software employed for that task gives you an upper hand in your storage arrangements following instrumentations of electronic message from the customer demands and the priority at which the good is to be brought in or shipment out from your port.
Further to that you are saving time to avoid travelling from one place to another spending money to get to your company workers or employer. You can communicate in area networks like intranets to extranets in local area networks and wide area networks in different regions connected through bridges and even routers for areas within the same region.

Technology and standards
Mistrust by participants in cases of subjectivity and trouble is avoided through the communication convenience made possible by technology’s network. Managers of a product and shipment coordinators are communicating efficiently avoiding indifference and intolerance.
There is trust and high morality and diplomacy in the effective flow of goods and services from the producer and or supplier to the distributor or directly a consumer.
We have a conventional and traditional market place in which to trade our produce which does not allow for further improvement in quantity and or quality and that could be the reason our economy is not improving because other advanced countries with the technology are buying time to even come up with better products to maintain their economic positions.
Our rightist conservationist approaches to disallow or give little time for innovation or creativity to take a lead will always make us become frustrated at most times and become our own greatest enemies.
It is quite apparent that we are not embarking on developing economic structures, disadvantaging institutions to make decisions by way of formulating policies to regulate activities of consequent economic resemblances. Thus economic powers are devoid in institutions and decision-making is sabotaged by a few elites in authority. This is the cause for governments and institutions being at odds with each other particularly in PNG all the time.
Hence, we do not have standards and most decisions we undertake are tyrannical. When given a set of protocols of technology for information and business to be bone electronically this provides a leeway forward for progress and solutions we are always aiming to see.
Everyone wants to prosper and not to be dictated by anyone disadvantaged by the systematic blight mentioned above. The virtual private network system by way of a cipher text, an encryption for a password accessibility, and cryptology for both encoding and decoding for messages to be sent through and back from the internet is the opportunity that brings hope in this modern age of electronic devices as well as embedded devices giving rise to ubiquitous computing.
People can now go into this technology and reap the benefits and fulfilment because it is regulated.
To give you an example, there are already companies operating in the internet more than 10 years ago which employ entirely internet business or a combination of conventional business as well as internet business in dot com businesses. These kinds of businesses use a model like the business models we mentioned before –called the Clicks and Mortar and Bricks and Clicks.

Potential in digital business
Evidently, business in technology can take leaps to higher grounds as far as your ingenuity can guide you. The substrate harbouring a resistor, capacitor, diode and a few more devices from a silicon crystal as a wafer is a promising technology that revolutionised this world today in what we call the technology revolution era. For instance, a missile guidance system that takes milliseconds to give the feedback on its trajectory towards a target is one of the most emotional actions we can see to our amusement.
Thus if you have to have your business running without a shadow of doubt with a prudently managed venture without the inconvenience of in-house issues like security, few customers, competition and lack of logistics then business in digital technology is the answer to solve the problems we are seeing and experiencing in contemporary PNG.

  •  Michael John Uglo is a lecturer in avionics, auto-piloting and aircraft engineering.

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