Business module gets public, private support


BUSINESSES and government organisations have swung their support behind a new entrepreneurship module which is being taught to fourth-year students at the University of Natural Resources and Environment in East New Britain.
Module A413D is being taught with the help of representatives from organisations in both the private and public sectors and deals with things like entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial behaviour, successful initiatives and entrepreneurship frameworks.
Recently, managers of the National Development Bank (NDB) and the Internal Revenue Commission made separate presentations on the types of services they provide to businesses.
NDB branch manager Edward Elliot said he believed the module would help students understand how a business was run and helped them grow to be self-reliant. Elliot explained the lending processes, the components of a good loan, the responsibilities of a borrower and lending requirements.
He stressed that a business was not a charity and should, therefore, not be used to meet community and family commitments.
“A business is considered legal and formal when it is registered formally and tax is paid,” he said.

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