Business opportunities for nationals lost


I am currently living at ATS settlement in the National Capital District.
I was a police officer, an LLG council president and I am currently chairman of the Highlands Community living at ATS Portion 698.
I am frustrated with our government for allowing foreigners to venture into businesses reserved for the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea.
There were laws passed by our national Parliament after we attained independent to reserve certain businesses exclusively for nationals.
Unfortunately our government has knowingly allowed foreigners to venture into these reserved businesses.
Not only has our government allowed foreigners to venture into businesses reserved for indigenous Papua New Guineans it has also given away land titles in our nation’s capital to foreigners.
Successive governments over the years had clearly shown no interest in protecting and helping our people and we cannot say it’s simply an oversight because it is very obvious that our political leaders and the public servants had been receiving bribes and doing everything and anything to protect foreigners in our country.
I appeal to the government of the day and the hierarchy at Investment Promotion Authority, Labour Department and Foreign Affairs to publish a full list of businesses reserved for nationals and the businesses which foreigners can venture into, with the conditions of compliance.

Jeff Kelage

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