Business owner tells CIC to look after coffee growers

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The National, Wednesday November 11th, 2015

 A BUSINESS owner has called on the Coffee Industry Corporation  (CIC) to look after the welfare of coffee growers and businesses in the country.

Davina Coffee Production’s Elaine Amos said the corporation had an obligation to advise on matters which were vital to growers and businesses.

The family business was closed down in 2010 in Eastern Highlands after the CIC refused to renew its coffee processing license. 

It came back into operation the following year.

“CIC is the mother company for all coffee operators,” Amos said. 

“The decision they make to either shut down an operator should be done by the board where they meet, discuss and agree. 

“The operator is then advised.

“Davina Coffee was only advised verbally to shut down with no document to support it.

“We had to relocate our machines and resell most of our assets, placing us in a difficult financial situation.

“And we have yet to receive any word from CIC regarding this.” CIC’s industry regulation and compliance manager Sam Menanga could not comment on the issue because they had not received any complaint from Davina Coffee to act on.

Amos urged Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Tommy Tomscoll to intervene in the matter.