Business owners: Arm officers


THE Karkar business community is appealing to the Police Department to equip their officers on the island with more guns as they were heavily outnumbered.
The island have 13 policemen with two guns operating from a condemned police station.
Karkar MP Chris Nangoi recently gave K40,000 to have the Taur police station built on the Takia side of the island.
On the Waskia side, the Kinim police station was condemned but police still operates.
Kinim police station commander James Igu said a group of at least 15 raskols arrived at Kinim on Thursday morning when the three shops serving the island opened for business.
Igu said it seems likely they had monitored the movement of the few policemen in the area because as when the police drove off the station, the gang entered and robbed Surpass Trading.
“They told the public around the store to grab anything in the store they wished to,” he said.
Igu said the raskols went for their target which was K7000 locked in a safe. They took it and walked off through the back of the shop where their boat was.
He said police chased them and managed to locate the boat and identified three suspects.
“Their identities are known and they would be tracked down shortly,” Igu said.
Representing the business community, Felix Atua appealed to the police hierarchy to send more policemen to Karkar Island and issue more guns to them.
Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi gave Kinim police a fully kitted police vehicle purchased for about K200,000 from the district development authority fund.
Nangoi also gave the Taur police station he helped build a boat to attend to crimes at sea.