Business owners urged to have backup plans


SMALL business owners should have a backup plan and strategy to take on unexpected challenges, says a local entrepreneur.
Anne-Shirley Korave, co-developer of the online platform (application) CheckSafe, said the state of emergency lockdown period was a risk in terms of operating small enterprises.
“These businesses won’t be able to sustain themselves if they have to close operations unless they have backup plans and emergency funds,” she said.
“A few individuals do business either formal or informal to survive, pay their bills while others do business to address issues faced by people.
“It is definitely going to be tough on the business sustainability and self-sustainability for many.
“If there are employees involved, they will be affected too if being asked to stay home without pay.
“However, a few micro and small businesses are still operating but practicing physical and social distancing not forgetting the medium enterprises.”
Korave said it was going to be challenging and unpredictable period in the coming days, weeks and months and business owners should have a plan.
,”“Business owners or managers should have a backup plan and strategy to take on the unexpected challenges ahead.
“Most medium enterprises are taking the lead in doing internal and external awareness and taking precautionary measures for their employees and customers as well.”
When asked whether the state of emergency lockdown period had an effect on the online platform CheckSafe, Korave said not at this stage as they were still working behind the scene to finish off some feature integrations.
CheckSafe is an online platform, co-developed by Korave and Nancy Gavera to address the safety and security of women and girls in the country.

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