Businesses defying censorship call

National, Normal

MOST business houses in East New Britain continue to defy notices reminding them on the need to renew their licenses for their operations.
The final notice was sent out last December and is causing problems for the Censorship Board in terms of money and time.
Deputy chief censor Jim Abani said penalties would be issued to companies and business houses who do not pay up within a three-month period.
“This includes the confiscation of movies or items that are being sold, a double charge would be applied, deregistering of licences with the company to apply for a new licence, or licenses would be cancelled for that particular activity that the company was conducting.
“Such negative responses from Kokopo and Rabaul, especially by small companies, showed that people were ignorant of the law or are trying to bypass it,” Mr Abani said.
He called on business houses to take heed of the requirements and procedures set by the Government in terms of registering and regulating of materials in the country.