Businesses in Lae on alert after standoff

The National,Thursday June 9th, 2016

BUSINESSES in Lae City were on alert yesterday following a stand-off between University of Technology (Unitech) students and police along Independence Drive in East Taraka.
The students turned rowdy by stoning vehicles and barricading part of the Independence Drive in front of their Taraka Campus after reportedly receiving news of  death of a colleague from the University of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby.
Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman Alan McLay said businesses in the city “were operating quite comfortably” yesterday but were equally on alert for any spill-over of events.
McLay said he did not know of businesses thatmay have closed doors yesterday as a result of altercation between police and students.
“We are keeping an eye on the situation,” McLay said.
“We will be updating members on the latest developments once I talk with the Met Supt again,” he said.
McLay said he had spoken with Unitech vice-chancellor Dr Albert Schram, who advised him that students had barricaded the gates at 9am and they were confronted by police.
“Some shots were fired in the air, but none of the students were injured,” he said.
“The situation is extremely tense but so far the students have been contained in the campus and have not taken to the streets,” he said.