Businesses in period of uncertainty: Council


BUSINESSES are still in a period of uncertainty, PNG Business Council executive director Douveri Henao says.
Henao made the comments following the ‘new normal’ measures announced by National Pandemic Controller David Manning this week.
“We still are in a period of uncertainty,” Henao told The National yesterday.
He added that the council welcomed the new Public Health Emergency Act.
“We need to appreciate this legislation.
“It’s a preventative health emergency which needed the sort of response from the controller.
“Businesses are compliant to protocols but we need to strike a balance where these measures are applied in the market,” he said.
Henao further noted that the council would continue to have dialogue with the Government in the next few days and weeks.
“We will meet with the controller in the next few days and weeks.
“The dialogues that we will partake in will give us directions on how to operate in the new normal.
“We recognise the new normal to trade in the country and for us to partake in commerce.
“Businesses will need to recover rapidly to restore confidence (in the market),” he said.
Meanwhile, Henao said the business community acknowledged the initial response and reaction to Covid-19 by the Government.
“We want to commend the Government and controller for acting swiftly to have in place preventative measures.
“The state of emergency although it impacted the market heavily, it was necessary to have it this way as there were no other option.
“The manner in which the SOE was applied was appropriate,” he said.
“However, now the challenge will be to find the balance to ensure things get back to normal.
“The Pandemic Act or the legislation is much more structured.
“At the outset, the pandemic legislation is transparent compared to the SOE orders which were largely pushed.
“There was not a wider consultation because measures had to be put in place swiftly and that’s understandable,” Henao said.