Businesses may refuse to serve customers


BUSINESS and service providers in Port Moresby may refuse to serve customers who do not wear face masks, according to National Pandemic Controller David Manning.
He said a team of security officers drawn from the disciplined forces would go around the city to ensure rules were followed.
“There are provisions in the Pandemic Act 2020 that explains penalties and those found breaching the measures will be arrested and charged accordingly,” he said.
“If you are getting on a taxi, going to a bank, or going to a shop, those responsible for providing those services have the authority to refuse your entry.”
Manning said the best defence against the Covid-19 was “self-defence”, meaning following protective measures.
“Do not wait for the Government to tell you to wear a facemask, keep social distancing or wash your hands regularly,” he said.
“There will be a curfew in place to ensure that we control the spread of the Covid-19.”
He said individuals breaching rules could be fined K50,000 or serve a jail term of up to five years.
“For businesses, they will be fined K500,000 or serve up to 10 years in prison. We will be keenly monitoring the adherence to the measures.
“You should understand the measures and comply with them.”
Manning also appealed to the public not to spread false news on social media.
“It is disrespectful and those involved will be penalised,” he said.

One thought on “Businesses may refuse to serve customers

  • To deter spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the city or elsewhere in PNG, the Marabe/Steven Government has ordered another two weeks lock-down beginning July 27, 2020. However during last two lock-downs since March, the country has not detected any patient of COVID-19 cases . But how comes cases have soared out and rapidly increased during last weeks of August 2020??? The possible root case of spread is from imported patients from foreign countries when 14 days quarantine protocol and key hot-spotted locations were not strictly controlled. Why would the Government allow Air Nuigini to fly to Brisbane five times a weeks, Singapore four time a week and Cairns once a week. Recently it announced the Manila route. Are airline companies really providing essential supply lines from those international routes? We have been quite lucky for the last couple of months since the start of the pandemic because PNG is island country and only share land border with Indonesia. However the COVI9-19 control team headed by David Manning is strategically stubborn to assess and control the key hot locations hence flood of cases is now increasing. It appears that the SOE team are just acting on panic button pressed by the Health Authorities on reported casese. The Controller thus is making unilateral decision of lock-down to suppress people’s freedom and killing the economy of this country. It is now a golden opportunity for his rogue cops to start brutalizing citizens, conducting illegal raids and stealing in pretext of carrying out the SOE orders.

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