Businesses must continue despite election: Fleming


BANK South Pacific Financial Group Ltd (BSP) chief executive officer Robin Fleming says Government and private sector businesses must continue despite the 2022 election.
He told an investment conference yesterday that a number of outstanding resource projects also needed to be finalised by the Government before the elections to give businesses “certainty”.
He urged state-owned enterprises to ensure reliable power and telecommunications services.
“From a business and government perspective, you just don’t want the election to get in the way of doing business nor do you want it to get in the way of the private sector’s business of doing business,” Fleming said.
“This means we’ve got a couple of key priority projects that do need to be finalised.
“There’s going to be a trip to the United States to get P’nyang finalised, get Total finalised and Wafi Golpu finalised before the elections so that there is continuity and certainty.”
He said there should not be any outstanding issues between April and August. He urged SOEs not to let the elections “get in the way of what you are charged and responsible” for.
“Complete those power and electrification projects which are being sponsored by multilaterals, get telecommunications out there reliably and effectively and to ensure that business are able to maintain continuity,” Fleming said.