Businesses need govt policy push


THERE should be some changes to government policies to help businesses who are just starting to grow and yet to reach their full capacity, a forum was told yesterday.
In a panel discussion at the PNG digital economic forum, business owners discussed the challenges they faced and what they suggested should be done to help them.
Managing director of Agri-Tech Organics (PNG) Ltd Christopher Vagalia suggested that there were “an array of challenges we as entrepreneurs face in Papua New Guinea”.
“There needs to be connectivity, regulation and partnerships,” he said.
“We need to be able to partner with people in government and in business houses to really push initiatives forward.
“If we do that, we can reach a wider audience and have a greater impact on society.”
Chief executive officer of Emstret Holdings Ltd Vani Nades said business owners needed capital and resources to grow their businesses.
She said they needed coaching, mentorship and an equal playing field to compete with other players in the market.
“Policies need to be created to give us that equal playing field,” she said.
“We want to go to areas where big business do not go to. We want to go out to rural areas to make an impact.
“Collaboration is the key and some of the challenges we face are through policies.”
Chief executive officer of Kumulsoft Marsh Narewek said the
Government should look at a policy that would help businesses which were just starting by not paying tax.
“Countries like Fiji allows businesses 13 years tax free,” he said.
“Government should do this for business in the country.
“Taxation should be reduced and there needs to be a free trade zone.”