Businesses in residential zones


In any towns or cities where planners designate a zone as a residential zone, then that zone must consist of residences where people live in homes.
Likewise, if it is for school, then that zone is only for school.
What I am trying to bring to the attention of appropriate authorities is the number of guesthouses, lodges, inns, hotels and motels that are mushrooming around the Boroko area.
Boroko, I believe, is designated as a residential zone.
It is not only Boroko, but other suburbs as well, where many of these guesthouses have been built in designated residential zones.
I wonder if these guesthouses get the approval of the building board or the appropriate authorities before being converted into such havens.
I believe this is not right.
Can the appropriate authorities enlighten me on this issue?

Tumba Biinem
Port Moresby

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