Businesses to be affected


RESTRICTIONS on some businesses in the entertainment industry will be negative, but businesses need to consider the medium and long-term as well, the PNG Manufacturers Council says.
Chief executive officer Chey Scovell told The National that not living and operating to the provisions of the niupela pasin and the isolation policy would have a greater negative impact.
Scovell said, however, some restrictions such as the ban on the sale of alcohol was coming at a price with the rise in the production and sale of illicit alcohol.
“We do note one exception on our general acceptance of the policies, with the notable one being the bans preventing the sale of alcohol, especially beer, from non-club outlets,” he said.
“Despite public perceptions, PNG is a very low consumer of beer.
“Beer is also a safe, and low alcohol product – and one which brings millions of revenue to the State.
“Every time we restrict sale, we see increase in the sale and consumption of illicit alcohol products.”