Businesses told to back local producers


Business houses must get behind and support local producers and manufacturers, a RH Trading Ltd official says.
National production manager Stephen Ellis had this message for media during the Vision City Mega Mall Trade Expo in Port Moresby yesterday.
RH Trading Ltd are showcasing locally-produced food during the expo.
Ellis said there were challenges that local producers were facing for which the business houses could step in and support.
“Promote locally-grown produce and support local producers,” he said.
“The demand is huge.
“We cannot cope up with demand. That’s reality.
“What we are importing shows that we don’t have enough supply here.
“It’s a matter of getting the supply chain in order.”
Ellis said air freights in the country was very expensive.
“For example, we can buy something for K2.50 in the highlands but pay K5.00 on air freight to transport it down for market,” he said.
“We need support from airline companies in terms of the cost of air freight.
“The shipping companies are also very expensive in terms of sea freight.
“There’s a huge cost there which has a big impact on us.”

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