Businesses told to keep yards clean

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The National- Wednesday, January 19, 2011


BUSINESS houses operating in Mt Hagen have been urged to keep their back and front yards clean at all times.

City manager Victor Megao said Mt Hagen was the third biggest city and business houses must take initiative to beautify it and make the environment they were operating more attractive to the customers.

Megao said this yesterday after two business houses, Kange Freezers and Best Buy Trading, cleaned their front and back yards, installed rubbish bins, re-painted their shops and built foot paths in front of their shops.

He said if all the business houses, including the landlords of the building, took such initiative to fix their properties or the workstations, they would make a big impact and change the image of the city.

He said that some shops in the city were built during the 1970s and despite the termites eating away the timbers and plywoods, no attempts had been made by the landlords to renovate these building.

Megao said that such buildings were giving bad image to the people coming from other provinces every day.

He said the landlords were collecting plenty of money in rental fees every month and must invest some back into their property by maintaining it and making it more conducive for other people to operate it.

He said that on many occasion, the landlords usually took cover behind their tenants.

Megao said if Best Buy Trading and Kange Freezers could take up the challenge, then, others could too.

He said he was not pushing them to do it but if they could do something from their hearts it would complement the work the city authority were doing.