Businesses urged to observe new normal measures in ops


A TAXI operator in Port Moresby says it is important for businesses to continue operation with the new normal measures of mandatory wearing of face masks in public places and other compliance measures.
Chairman of Airport Transport Services (ATS) Wingti Mara while acknowledging the Government in fighting the Covid-19, said it was now up to individuals to start practising hygiene measures and for normal business hours to continue.
“All businesses and SMEs are suffering and if there is another lockdown, we will all suffer,” Mara said.
He said during the second lockdown schools closed and some companies reduced their operations which meant there were fewer people on the street. He said even though taxis continued to operate they were not making as much money as they used to.
ATS is a company that manages about 300 taxis in Port Moresby.
All the taxis are individually owned with the owners paying a regular franchise fee to the company.
ATS taxi driver John Siria said now that the second lockdown had ended more people were moving around which was good for business.
Siria, 47, from Western Highlands has been in the public motor vehicle and taxi business for 20 years in Port Moresby. He said on the first day of the second lockdown, he made K60 compared to his daily average of K200 to K300 before the lockdown.