Businessess worried about law and order situation

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THE business community in PNG has expressed concern at the escape of the 12 dangerous prisoners from Bomana jail, warning that PNG was slipping backwards rather than improving on the law and order and corruption from.
Most business houses would step up security as a result of the prisoners on the loose, and the costs would be passed on to users, or customers.
“This is most unfair on businesses, and the public, who will end up paying,” a business executive said yesterday.
“Banks and financial institutions, and shops, often targets of criminals, would adjust and even restrict their trading hours and activities, and we have no choice but to adjust.
“The least we expect is the Government to keep our prison safe and
secure so law abiding citizens can go about their daily lives without having to look at their back every 10 minutes,” he said.
A senior BSP executive expressed concern at the general deterioration of the ‘law and order’ situation in the country.
“It must be of enormous frustration to those involved in the arrest of serious criminals such as Kapris and others that the prison system-based on the many recent prison breakouts- is not capable of adequately protecting society by ensuring violent criminals cannot escape custody.
“We call on the Government and parliament to significantly increase funding for the police, courts and prison services and provide better training, facilities and support to help protect all levels of our society.
“There have been significant increases in gun- related crimes, including attempted intimidation and/or threats against BSP and their legal representatives. Some criminals and violent individuals even appear to have tacit support from those in power and are able to misuse and/or thwart the police, court and legal systems.”
The executive continued: “PNG once again appears to be at the cross roads and perhaps is even slipping backwards. We would hope the PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project would have encouraged the government to focus more seriously on ‘law and order’  including anti-corruption initiatives.
“Based on recent events, this does not appear to be the case.”
The Business Council of PNG (BCPNG) warned in an email that was circulated widely yesterday for businesses and individuals to take extra precautions when driving in and around Port Moresby.