Businessman cleans up city streets

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 10th April, 2013

 A BUSINESSMAN in Western Highlands used his own resources to clean up Mt Hagen city streets last Friday.

Fred Wak used his company Wopa Construction to clean up streets where rubbish had been allowed to pile up for more than one month.

The company used its backhoes and trucks to remove the rubbish. Wak is based in Lae.

“When I came back from Lae it was an eyesore to see rubbish piling up in every corner of the street,” he said.

“So as a Western Highlander I have to do something.”

He urged elites and business people to give something back to the province they started from.

“Why are we depending on the government to fix the city when we have the resources to do so?”

Wak said people should startdigging into their pockets to help the province.

“Most of the time I’m in Lae. I come here and see rubbish piling up. It is not good in the eyes of the public and visitors,” Wak said.

He said if he did not clean it up then no one will do it.

“I want to challenge every businessman and woman of Western Highlands to start do something for their city.

“Why are we looking upon the government all the time and when we have the capability and resource to do something?” Wak asked.