Businessman open to talks with govt


YUMI Yet Properties Ltd is willing to discuss with the Milne Bay provincial government about its shares in the new Alotau Bay Hotel, owner and managing director Eke Lama says.
Lama said the former Alotau International Hotel was 100 per cent owned by Yumi Yet.
“If the provincial government wants to seriously get some shares, then we can come up with an understanding,” he said.
“I am still waiting for them to come.
“I’m open to discussions, but that does not mean that I owe something to them, or they owe me something, but this is out of goodwill.”
He said since taking ownership in July, about K2.5 million was budgeted on renovations and maintenance of the hotel.
“I am busy at expending more rooms and putting up fences,” Lama said.
“I am doing something. I have one lodge in the Highlands, two in Port Moresby, one in Alotau and the hotel is the first one, but have gone (invested) as far as Australia.
“I am not new in the hotel industry, I am a very experienced businessman.
“I have a plan to buy some more, this time I am planning to buy hotels and motels, not lodges and guest houses.”
Lama said the lodges range in size from 49 rooms to 127 rooms.
“This Alotau International Hotel is a very small hotel, they have only 32 rooms, and I am planning to build another 24 rooms; that will take it to 56 rooms.”
“I am employing all locals only.”
Lama said he had already spent around K150,000 on maintenance work on the hotel and his company would not wait for the Milne Bay provincial government.
“They do not have to underestimate me.”