Businessman succeeds through hard work, commitment

Businessman Ps Thomas Wii’s cattle project in Kundiawa, Chimbu. – Picture supplied.

A LOCAL businessman says hard work and commitment are important areas to be successful in business.
Wii Butchery owner Ps Thomas Wii in Kundiawa, Chimbu, said agriculture was the way forward for Papua New Guinea.
Ps Wii, of the Pentecost church, is one of the few Chimbu’s and many Papua New Guineans, who, under difficult circumstances in the economic sector has tried to make ends meet by taking part and contributing to the development the country.
Ps Wii’s aim was to complete the food value chain and provide services to his people.
Though not a trained agriculturalist, he has a keen interest in livestock production and has been in the agrobusiness for the last seven years.
He also owns Wii Service Station in Kundiawa, along the Okuk Highway.
Ps Wii said he supplies diesel, fuel and lubricants to motor vehicle owners.
From the service station he also operates a fast food bar and a mini butchery and sells basic grocery items.
“Naturally, I am gifted in agricultural activities,” he said.
Ps Wii said he decided to raise livestock to supplement his food bar.
“This idea led me to get into the livestock farming business and to register through Investment Promotion Authority the Wii Butchery.”
Ps Wii established projects and businesses in cattle, piggery, service station, butchery and mini grocery store within Kundiawa, Wara Simbu and Membi Creek in Chimbu.
His initiative paid off after securing a market for his meat products businesses in Kundiawa as well as customers from the local population.
Ps Wii said he currently has a piggery and cattle project.
“I slaughter pigs and cattle, I sell pork at my grocery store and cook fresh pork for my customers to buy while they get fuel from the service station,” he said.
Ps Wii commended the Government for refocusing on agriculture.
He also called on the Government to help small businesses and Papua New Guineans to build and grow their ventures as this would benefit the people, provinces and the nation. Ps Wii said PNG’s agricultural potential needed to develop as this would benefit more people.
He commended the Government for giving priority to agriculture by injecting cash directly into rural farmers’ pockets through the initiatives of price support and its agriculture intervention programme.