Businessman thanks security force with farewell feast

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The National, Monday 06th August, 2012

A BUSINESSMAN in Minj, Jiwaka, has hosted a farewell dinner for members of the Mobile Squad 5.
Molka Lodge owner, Gibson Yuants slaughtered pigs and chickens to host a feast for the policemen engaged in the elections security operation in the new province.
Yuants said on Thursday night that because of the police and defence force personnel’s presence in Jiwaka, order was maintained during elections.
He said business houses went about their daily activities without fear of looting or destruction.
He said he and other people had expected  a lot of trouble during the election period in Jiwaka but that was not the case.Yuants said as the owner of the newly-established Molka Lodge, he wanted to show his appreciation with a feast.He thanked the security forces for a job well done in maintaining order during the election period.He said without their presence there would not have been any peace in the province.
Field commander Insp Joe Maragil thanked the lodge management for recognising their tireless efforts during the election period.Maragil said many people and business houses had commended the police for the good work but no one had shown such appreciation.Maragil said the Jiwaka people have shown  other provinces that they were mature and capable of going into the polls peacefully.He said their election operation officially ended last Friday but his men would still be in the province in case of any late election-related trouble.