Businessman upset over gunshot, abuse

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The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013

 GUNSHOTS were fired and abusive language was hurled at residents of an apartment building in Port Moresby last Sunday following a skirmish the previous night, a resident claims.

The residents live in the Edgewood Hotel and Apartments on Vaivai Avenue, Boroko.

The owner of Edgewood Hotel and Apartments, Ben Wappi, said he was appalled that people were allowed to discharge firearms in public.

The businessman, from Chambri Lake, East Sepik, said his workers were living in fear after the incident, which began around 8.45pm on Sunday.

His security officers were pelted with bottles and stones from the road.

Eyewitness Willie Maru said five people were outside the premises, screaming abuse and shaking the gate. 

He said when they approached them, a fight broke out.

Maru said it later cooled down and they left.

“They came back in the morning around 10.30am in a dark blue 10-seater Land Cruiser and a white sedan with their number plates covered, shouting more abuse and saying that they are the police,” Maru said.

“This time they fired a gun before driving off.”

Police said investigations were continuing and arrests were expected soon.

“This is just the kind of attitude residents don’t need. My credibility as a businessman is being questioned,” Maru said.

“This is a bad precedent that I do not condone and the perpetrators must be brought to justice.”