Businessman urges firms to give tithes to God

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday 6th September, 2012

A BUSINESSMAN in Western Highlands has decided to pay 50 senior pastors throughout country monthly allowances as part of his business’ 10% tax to God.
The pastors are from the Lutheran church throughout the country and denominations.
Mountain Plumbing and Hardware Supplies managing director Wanis Pawa has challenged other business houses to do the same.
Pawa said the pastors would receive their monthly allowances as long his company was in operation.
He said companies were paying 10% tax to the government and not to God who was the source of everything.
“We are robbing from the source who gave us everything. God must be given 10% of what we earn from business.
“It is not right when the creator and the one who blessed us is not receiving any word of appreciation when he gave us the wisdom and knowledge to become good businessman and women,” Pawa said.
“What I’m doing here is what my conscience is telling me to do because God is and was the person who has blessed me with my business.
 “My company, even if it is still a growing company, will continue to shift in 10% to support the gospel to reach out.”
He said the payment would be made through their bank accounts monthly so that they could look after their families and extend the Kingdom of God.
“I want to challenge my colleagues to give their 10% to God and then see how they will prosper in life.”