Businessman urges Madang locals to back Sir Arnold

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 19, 2011

THE people of Madang must show respect for their senior citizens instead of undertaking witch-hunts against their leaders, a local businessman said.
John Kambual, the managing director of Madang Agro Commodities Ltd, called on his fellow Madang people to show respect to their provincial and national leaders irrespective of their colour or creed.
He called on the people to support regional member, Attorney-General and Justice Minister, Sir Arnold Amet in the wake of his racist outburst against a fellow Madang parliamentarian.
Sir Arnold and Sumkar MP Ken Fairweather traded barbs recently at the St Michael’s Community School in Alexishafen.
Sir Arnold used a racist epithet against Fairweather.
From Amiten village in Malala, Bogia district, Kambual said it was unbecoming for Madang people to challenge leaders without thinking what might have caused the outburst.
Kambual said many used this opportunity to advance their political aspirations by challenging Sir Arnold.
“Sir Arnold deserves greater respect from his Madang people, in particular the people of Karkar Island,” he said.
“Everyone, including Sir Arnold, has their own failure and no one is perfect.”
Kambual said the public outburst was a spur of the moment utterance when Sir Arnold was emotional.
“Madang is renowned for its peacefulness, respect and strong knitted traditional ties which cannot invite such public debate and the issue or incident can be resolved in a true Madang way instead of using the media,” he said.
He urged all the Madang people to stand behind Sir Arnold and support him.
“Everyone has emotions as has Sir Arnold.
“He has already apologised to Fairweather publicly by taking out full page advertisements in the newspapers,” Kambual said.