Businessmen robbed of K32,000 at airport


TWO Chinese, employed by a business house in Wewak, were robbed of K32,000 at the Boram Airport, East Sepik police commander Superintendent Robert Gesa said.
The suspects escaped with the money and the victims’ personal valuables in their car.
Gesa said police suspected that it was an inside job.
“The Chinese were at the airport to catch a flight to Port Moresby when the suspects held them up and escaped. The vehicle was later found at Koikin village with only the victims’ passports.”
Gesa said the Chinese should have banked the money in Wewak instead of attempting to travel with it to Port Moresby.
“We don’t know why they were traveling with such an amount of money. All we know is that it is an inside job because suspects knew who they were, which vehicle they would be travelling in and the time they would be at the airport.
“So the suspects went straight for them at the airport, ordered them out of the car and escaped in their car with everything.”
Meanwhile, a source said the robbing of Chinese businessmen transporting large amounts of cash in East Sepik was nothing new.
“A Maprik-based Chinese businesses man was robbed of K450,000 at Waikakum village when travelling between Maprik and Wewak earlier on,” the souce said.
The businessman was taking the money stored inside a plastic bag and stashed inside a slaughtered pig after internal organs were removed.

One thought on “Businessmen robbed of K32,000 at airport

  • These cases of chinese business people moving cash is just a tip of the iceberg of what we already knew was happening. Chinese businesses do not bank their daily takings. They stash the money at home or in their premises and transfer these funds out using various means to avoid paying taxes or fees imposed by the banking system. Late William Kapris said before he died that there was a Black Banking system in PNG. He was correct. The Chinese mafia controls this black banking system and has bribed every politician, government official and airline worker known to be important in facilitating movement of their cash which all ends up in China. This is crippling PNG but we seem to be blaming the wrong persons for the economy’s problems.

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