Businesswoman helps training centre


A BUSINESSWOMAN has donated a public address system to a school in East New Britain.
Sandra Lau, the owner and managing director of Tropicana, gave the Vunamami Farmers Training Centre the K1280 system after being told by Catholic Father Meinhard Wittwer that they needed one.
Thieves had stolen the one they owned.
“I heard of your story and decided that I will do my bit to assist you. You have to look after this thing well so that it can last a very long time. When money is given to the school, you have to use it well so that it produces results.”
Lau urged teachers to be committed in teaching the students and be in class all the time.
Lau told the students to stay away from drugs, alcohol and sex.
“You have a future ahead of you. Don’t get pregnant early. You must control your feelings and put a brake to it,” she said.

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