Businesswomen learn timely tips

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The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013


AMERICAN expert Marga Fripp has encouraged local women to venture into business and to be passionate about it.

Fripp spoke to aspiring businesswomen and would-be entrepreneurs last Monday on how to develop business ideas.

The founder and president of Empowered Women International will be in PNG until tomorrow to deliver keynote remarks, lead workshops, and engage local media to raise awareness on women’s critical role in the country’s economic development.

Fripp would also hold marketing workshops for women owners of small businesses to help them develop strategies in running their affairs. 

On Monday, Fripp held a discussion session with at least 20 female SME owners, who expressed their desire to improve their business operations.

They also exchanged insights and ideas on how best they could benefit from the services and products they promote.

Fripp had encouraged the women to develop their passion to venture and develop business initiatives.

“Passion pays off, even if businesses ceased to exist,” she said.  

With the theme “How to grow your business to fuel innovation, opportunity and social change”, Fripp stressed some points on how to be competitive in the global scale.

She said: “Entrepreneurship is no different from those overseas

“The thing is that you have to be different in creating your product or service. 

“This way, you will outweigh the rest of your competitions,” Fripp said.

Fripp was passionate about training, coaching and inspiring women artists, artisans and creative entrepreneurs to pursue their passions.  She had worked with thousands of women in the US and overseas, helping them to start up or grow their businesses. 

Fripp is an award-winning social entrepreneur with more than 19 years of experience in solving social problems through arts, innovation and entrepreneurship.