Businesswomen slams newspaper

National, Normal


A BUSINESS woman of Asian origin is seeking to sue the Post Courier for defamation regarding a front page article that appeared last Tuesday, which she claimed linked her and her company to the alleged attempted murder of businessman Jason Tan.
She claimed that the news article in the Post Courier alleged that her company employed one of the two suspects arrested over the incident.
Er Qin Zheng, who was mentioned in the article, said the report “was an absolute lie” and highly defamatory.
Mrs Zheng said the newspaper had reported that she was the owner of Soho Entertainment, and employed one of the suspects.
However, Mrs Zheng said she was no longer the owner of Soho Entertainment.
She said she had already sold the company to her sisters, Er Ying Zheng and Tong Bao Zheng.
She produced documents which stated the transfer of shares that took place on May 27 last year.
She also said the article stated that she was deported in 2004 along with three others, which she said was not true.
“The report was an absolute lie and misleading to tarnish my reputation.
“I was never deported from this country.
“The report was very damaging to my name and reputation,” Mrs Zheng said, adding she was filing court proceedings.