Buyer: Don’t resort to dirty tactics

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013

 A BETEL nuts buyer from Lae is urging sellers in Northern not to resort to dirty tactics after he found banana pieces among his purchases.

Bonny Bogeno, from Northern,  travelled by sea to Popondetta at the end of last week and returned to Lae on Monday after buying 26 bags of betel nuts and was angry to discover that some of the bags had banana pieces instead of betel nuts.

“This is not good, we are trying to make a living and are honest enough to pay people their dues and they should not be doing things like this to us,” Bogeno said yesterday. 

“We need business and they need business. I travel to Popondetta once a week and pay K4,600 for the round trip. Sellers doing this is not good.”

Bogeno pays for the bags of nuts between K200 and K300 each and re-sells in Lae for K300 to K500.

He says with the current betle nut crisis in Morobe, business was not so good but was continuing because he had to make a living.