Buying road upgrading equipment wins praise for Atiyafa

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013

 HENGANOFI MP Robert Atiyafa has bought equipment to upgrade  roads and build new ones in the district.

And the people in Henganofi have welcomed the move by their MP to fix their transport problems.

Local resident Jabo Keox said the roads in the district had been neglected for too long.

He said past MPs who came to them during election campaigns claiming to be Christians and God-fearing ignored the people once they were elected.

He said Atiyafa, after he was elected, visited a church pastor to pray for him so that he could carry out his duties and responsibilities faithfully.

“Now he is literally putting into action what he said during the campaigns,” Keox said.

He said villages in Kamanontina constituency namely Orimu, Numuyafove, Fagonofi, Navavi, Tugumpa, Finintugu, Kamuina and the upper Tevega area would greatly benefit from infrastructure development, beginning with the upgrading of their feeder roads.

Atiyafa said the people should expect more services to come.

“This is only a beginning. But I call on the people of Henganofi to be law-abiding and do not obstruct services now flowing into the communities,” he said.

“Cooperate with the government and grasp every opportunity to improve your lives.”