Buying of votes was a big problem


IT is common for elections in the highlands to take different shapes and forms.
In this particular election, apart from the common problems like thugs taking control of polling areas, multiple casting etc.
One of the most significant developments has been the broad daylight buying of votes some electorates in Chimbu.
Candidates have the option to challenge the election outcome in the Court of Disputed Returns if they have evidence of bribery, but what baffles me the most is the very desperate tactics by sitting members and candidates to lure voters .
Also the short sightedness of people who cannot vote for quality and God fearing leaders who have served their people with distinction.
Simbu’s pride themselves on been smart people but when it comes to money and selection of good quality leaders, all proper thinking processes seem non-existent.
We will wait to see what is in store for the people for the next five years.
If they are not served properly, they will have themselves to blame.
My views are only applicable to only two electorates and not the whole of Simbu

Khawen Prekunga

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