B’ville group attends workshop on referendum


THE people of Makis in Buin district of South Bougainville attended a week-long workshop on the 2019 Bougainville Referendum last week.
Makis representative in the Autonomous Bougainville government John Vianney Kepas said the awareness was to educate the people to ensure a peaceful and credible post-referendum period.
“Our awareness is ongoing. So far, we have dug out 10 remains of crisis victims and have given them decent burials,” he said.
“We also did a number of reconciliations with former combatants. These are important initiatives to allow a peaceful post-referendum period.”
Kepas said female ex-combatants, community leaders and the youths in Makis had been involved in the awareness.
The awareness was held at the Piano Parish, Maluatu, Tugiu village, Tugiogu village and Morula village last week. And at the Admiral Yamamoto Memorial Primary School yesterday.
Kepas said the awareness also coincided with a government programme launched through a mobile radio station called Radio Ples Lain by the ABG’s Bureau of Media and Communications.