B’ville needs new president


ON Friday, The National published an article “Momis seeking to extend term”.
President John Momis was quoted asserting his current supreme court reference is driven by the desire of the people of Bougainville.
With respect, nothing could be further from the truth.
The recent hearings of the Parliamentary Committee on the proposed amendments to the Constitution to allow the president to stand for a third term were in fact opposed by the vast majority of Bougainvilleans consulted.
What’s more, the people expressed a desire for the president to leave at the end of his current term so that a fresh leadership team could take negotiations forward on the outcome of the referendum.
The president has had 10 years in power.
As a citizen, I take offence at the conduct of the president and his cabinet.
Despite many efforts, the political leadership has refused to change.
We need leaders that show vision, who stand shoulder to shoulder with the people and promote genuine economic reform not fly by night conmen. The time has come for change.
Let the people elect a new president who reflects the needs and desires of the people, not their own ego or a narrow political elite.
Someone who genuinely seeks to negotiate a lasting political settlement that benefits all Bougainvilleans not just the small few.

Joseph Nobetau