By-election writ will be returned today: Sinai


ACTING Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai will return the writ for the Moresby North-West by-election to Government House today, instead of yesterday, because of “unnecessary disturbances” by candidates.
He advised Governor-General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae yesterday to defer the return of the writ from yesterday to today.
Candidate Samuel Boe Lohia was declared the winner yesterday afternoon.
Sinai said “unnecessary disturbances by the 42 candidates and their scrutineers during the polling and counting” forced him to advise Sir Bob to defer the return of the writ to today.
“We are growing in politics and as we grow, we must also learn to do things right,” he said.
“We must also (understand) the process and procedures, laws and respect one another.”
He said a lot of issues had been raised against the assistant returning officers.
“I trust them and they trust me, (and) when rumours of vote-rigging are raised against them, then it concerns me,” he said.