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NINE Cabinet Ministers are taking on extra portfolios after the decommissioning of their former colleagues who left last week to join the Opposition.
Prime Minister James Marape told The National that nine of the 12 Cabinet ministers who joined the Opposition at the Crowne Hotel last week had been decommissioned.
Commerce and Industry Minister William Duma has since returned to the Government side.
The two yet to be decommissioned are Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Patrick Pruaitch and Housing and Urban Development Minister Justin Tkatchenko.
“A few have been decommissioned. The rest not decommissioned (yet). We will work it through,” Marape said.
The nine decommissioned are Sam Basil (National Planning and Monitoring), Sasindran Muthuvel (State Enterprises), Joseph Yopyyopy (Education), Davis Steven (Attorney-General and Justice), Lekwa Gure (Civil Aviation), Nick Kuman (Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology), Sir Puka Temu (Health and HIV/AIDS), Chris Nangoi (Correctional Services), and Westley Nukundj (Immigration and Border Security).
Basil is also no longer deputy prime minister.
According to a national gazette dated Nov 16, their portfolios have been taken over by:

  • Inter Government Relations Minister Pila Niningi who also becomes Justice Minister and Attorney General;
  • Finance Minister Rainbo Paita who is also Minister for National Planning and Monitoring;
  • Civil Aviation Minister Jelta Wong who also takes over the State Enterprises portfolio;
  • Defence Minister Saki Soloma who will also look after Correctional Services;
  • Agriculture and Livestock Minister John Simon who is also Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS;
  • Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Dr Lino Tom who takes on the Immigration and Border Security portfolio.
  • Lands Minister John Rosso’s additional ministry is Education;
  • Energy Minister William Onglo will also be in charge of the Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology ministry; and,
  • Petroleum Minister Kerenga Kua who will also look after the Labour and Industrial Relations ministry.

Yesterday, Niningi visited the Department of Justice and Attorney-General and was introduced to the section heads.
“I’m not here to make any change or disturb the system. I don’t interfere with public servants,” he said.


  • When trying to please selfish interest of an incompetent minister in Basil, Marape then decommisioned his friend Steven Davis as DPM. Despite that goodwill, Basil is never satisfied so he ochestrated the recent vonc move we saw end of last week. Davis, Justin Tachenko and Mutuval including powes parkop should return to government.
    There is no point in the recent move that stood out as the main cause/issue.

    • Agree, with you Cloudlands. For the sake of stability and good governance. Mutuval, I think MPJP has heard your concern, return to the government. This is one government that most people (assessment from media) feel safe under.

  • Good call PM – they deserve to be stripped off their portfolios as they have shown incompetent leadership and cant be trusted to be loyal to your government. Have Pruaitch and Tkatchenko decommissioned as well – they shouldn’t be spared the portfolios. Let Duma be a minister without portfolio – he cant be trusted too but allocate another member within URP with a portfolio.

  • What is SO important about Justin Tkatchenko, famously known for “HOT CAKE”? Why does the PM did not decommission him? What is up the sleeves Mr. PM that you know that public doesn’t know? What is your affinity toward this man? He defected and whilst you decommission, same treatment should be applied to Ministers defected for more greener pastures. Mr. PM, when you are cherry-picking other to be decommissioned and some not, you are effectively disseminating wrong signal.

  • Why not PM give those decommissioned ministry portfolios to those mps without ministry portfolios with him instead of adding again to those mps already have ministry portfolios? They are the elected leaders and they too deserve to have ministry portfolios. That is the clear undermining of those elected mps with him.

  • Does these government has any back benchers who desreve a ministerial potfolio,instead of adding onto same old faces.
    Some of those ministers are incompetent with the portfolio.why is Thatchenko and Pruaitch still holding onto their portfolios?

  • PM should play the game as “give and take” Those ministers who did not jump and remained steadfast with him be rightly rewarded as a token of appreciation for their part in maintaining his numbers at nearly half so be it. Give them the thankful handshake so to maintain the groups solidarity. The have integrity and maturity by saying we shall not be moved. Givim ol.

  • My views of recent activity.

    With the recent developments in parliament the nation has once again been Marginalized by wrath of elected elites. How long will the mothers and children be marginalized , it is time we the working elites be the voice of silent majority and demand our members to be more considerate rather then been selfish. For the hundreds of mothers and children who brave the scorching sun to witness PM Marape deliver his madden speech to address SME last month (September) may now be just a dream if this is not honoured. While the opposition is adamant to change government of the day, can they also address the SME flatform for the mothers and the children. The real motive is unknown as we have 2022 general election just around the corner. To the elected members your conscience must be clear and Hope your decision to team up with the opposition is in the best interest for your people otherwise consider your self as unfit and proper person as your actions will deprive those who really matters to you (your voters & people).

    Concern citizen.

  • Parliament house becoming house of clowns…..funny but sad…

    When one considers William Duma’s crazy reasons for moving back and forth. He gave one reason when leaving for the opposition team and gave quite another when returning which was not only lame but very funny and a big lie as is the case with all those cheap reasons or smoke screens that MPs produce when moving which we all know too well in PNG. Its only for their own monetary and political gain.

    I really had a good laugh….reading about Duma moving just getting CONFUSED. How he puts it….really makes a good comedy material…..

    Sackings are expected. Those ministerial Portfolios should now be given to those faithful government back benchers to stick around and show themselves as credible and reliable leaders with sound moral principles and convictions as opposed to just being yoyo-money hungry-opportunity seeking MPs. We should see some good appointments in the coming days as PMJM readjusts his cabinet to accommodate his faithful coalition partners.

    The government of PMJM has shown some tact and shrewdness in playing back to opposition their own political game but unfortunate NOT without unnecessary court battles and cost to the nation.

    Its good that the defections and the VONC Political Horse Trading were happening, PMJM now knows who are with him and who are not. The goats now self expose themselves.

    If I am PMJM I will add one more misery on them by withholding their DSIP and PSIP until after the next NGEs, reducing their chances of being re-elected. Hahaha.

    Interesting days ahead.

  • Another bunch of yoyo politicians, who are hungry for power. By looking at the ones that have move to the opposition and the ones that are already there, it will be a very unusual alliance and even if they formed the Govt, they won’t last together.

  • Marape Steven’s Government should give ministerial position to those MPs who were remained being without any ministerial positions since day one rather than add another portfolios to those who have already.

  • William Duma has never, never, come up with any innovative ideas, what so ever for PNG.

    The only thing Duma is good at is corruption. What a laughing stock!!

  • If every one of them, all 111, would decommission themselves the country would be much better off. Most every one of them and their families are thieve and political parasites. Make it a law that every Member of Parliament must declare all Overseas Accounts, Properties and Assets and go to jail if they lie, then we will see how many of them will run for office.

  • Congratulations 9 MPS, credibility down the drain. Now commence the investigation and start pinning ALL MPs on the new ICAC bill. People need to start going to jail before 2022. We need consistency in leadership during a term, not firefighters running here and there to put out flames.

    • Patriot, well said, I agree with you.
      Appoint Sam Koim as ICAC commissioner to complete his unfinished business !!
      We want to see real action as which one of the two faction has more numbers.
      Before NGE 2022, please make this happen so we can trust our MPs in returning them back.

  • PM JM, can you move this corrupt CEPA Minister and start investigating him. CEPA is RED with ALL cheques bouncing back and all CEPA officers are NOT reporting cos they afraid of finish from public service or what. CEPA is a Corrupt laughing stock in all govt department. PLEASE NEED FULL INVESTIGATION IN CEPA ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! JAME MARAPE………

  • Moses, I share your concern. Those minister jumping around should have considered carefully the peoples interest before making decisions. By the way what is the peoples interest? One you mentioned which I think is essential to our people is the “SME Platform.” Setting up foundations to empower little people into entrepreneurship. This is one of the element to wealth creation. It is the path towards enabling people not to be beggars on their own land. Such is the real need of the people of this country.

  • While all this is going on.We the citizens must now prepare for 2022.We complain so bitterly about these corrupt leaders and say what we want to say about them.The bottom line is we gave them the mandate through our votes.Look what they are doing to us now.

    Let’s all rally as a nation and bring in new leaders comes 2022.Retain the good ones and replace the rest.PNG deserves better.

  • All the current MPs are corrupt either directly or indirectly by association
    The only time the parliament would be assumed to be be free of any corrupt MP is when you have 111 first-time MPs in 2022 after the national elections.
    The only way for this to happen is the current 111 MPs must not contest the elections.
    You can rally nationwide to demand none nominates to contest.

  • All 111 ministers are corrupt. National Election is just around the corner, citizens of this country let us all join hands and elect new leaders that will improve basic services that is deteriorating and neglected in all districts through out PNG.

  • This is a bad precedent set by this recent political impasses in our blessed country, This human being known as MPs and appointed by people to represent them in the floor of parliament and to talk on their behalf regarding development concerning their electorate seem to be child minded individuals that strive to fulfill their own ambition. We the voters desperately need your corporation and fulfill the reason behind your appointment as an MP, please do not think about your selfish desires. Please follow the steps set by our former prime ministers, we do not need three prime ministers in a political term, its close to the general election, so give time to the PMJM for the last 12 months and then you can play your political game in 2022.

  • The citizens are so lame and sitting ducks who just sit around and feed on the crumbs falling from these corrupt morons, leader is a mismatch reference to them, by the way! The citizens cannot fight for what is rightfully theirs. Larim an yumi indai nambat

  • Vote of No Confidence has become a political game to gain power. Who cares what confidence the corrupt leaders have? Their confidence is as corrupt as the poverty, crime, and economy in this nation. If they are saying they have no confidence in their colleagues, they simply cannot work together with them for the good of people. Simply-they are telling us they cannot be in parliament anymore. They ran out of ideas. For what more can he people say about all those MPs? “Did we just vote into parliament retarded leaders? Or power-hungry retarded?”

  • I acquiesced with the decommissioning of MPs in Parliament. Those certainly have unfavourable hereditary background. Lack of a well-defined purpose in Life and deficiency of ambition to aim above mediocrity. Inequality, lack of transparency and corruption. PNG Citizen should review the Districts of those who always move here and there following the Wind directions. Are they doing any good for their Electorates or lead to poor service delivery to electorates? Service delivery continues to be a challenge in all Districts in Papua New Guinea due to such corrupt ethnicities.

    Hence, I suggest that only PM JM is a competent person can be in that situation to resolve and our MPs should firm with him. I purely agreed that all this politicians support instability and corruptions must be decommissioned in parliament and they must precisely cognised that they will also be decommissioned in 2022 General Election.

    Enoch MacTeine Agyonga
    Giriu Village
    Chuave Chimbu Province

  • Those MPs on the government should move to the opposition camp so that you will be recognized as equal Member of Paliment as mandated by people just like the ones doubling ministry or holding ministries for others who will move from opposition to government.. Wanem ?ol member sanap wantaim you em ol mangi blo you o ol special lo wan hap na yu dapolim ministry.

  • To all fellow citizens, in my first vision I saw some one grabbed the chair from PO and it happened and in my second vision, I saw PMJM was walking with one sided leg and its fulfilling now,the meaning of the vision is clear now because half of the members are left and moved out from PMJM’s site and moved to opposition site but PMJM still runs the country with half of his team.In my other vision, someone put neck tie on BN’s neck but the neck tie became short and could not put on to his neck.which means he will not become PM.Still I had another vision, an old man put neck tie around PO”s neck.which means sooner or later PO will become PM again.I want to ask people all around the country, we do away with wantok system, We all stay together in one site of the house and we pray with the true heart.Our prayers are powerful.God will one day answer our prayers.If God doesn’t answer our prayer now there is a right time that God will raise someone up who will rescue us from our worries and troubles.
    God bless PNG.

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