Cabinet regards Unitech report as fair

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The National, Friday 31st May 2013

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill yesterday received the final report of the investigation into allegations of mismanagement at the University of Technology (Unitech), in Lae.

The report was handed over at  Parliament by former judge  Mark Sevua, who chaired the investigation team, that was given two months to present its findings.

“The investigation team’s key role was to get to the bottom of the alleged mismanagement of the university,” O’Neill said. 

“The outcomes must be in the best interests of the institution and the people of Papua New Guinea, particularly Unitech students,” O’Neill said.

He said although the investigation time frame was restricted given the circumstances, the Government’s aim was to restore stability and credibility to the institution as quickly as possible.

“This Government aims to restore the Unitech to its former status so that it realises its true functions for which it was established.

“This Government has taken note of all the recommendations made on the basis of this investigation and will  implement them,”

O’Neill said Cabinet widely accepted the report as a fair document and would take into account the views of all parties concerned.

“This government is determined to improve the education sector in PNG, for without education, the country will not develop.”