Caddies demand amuses golfers

Normal, Sports

MEMBERS of the Port Moresby Golf Club are amused by the demand of caddies to be paid K100 per round of 18 holes.
They said that considering one round averaged four hours, the caddies would be receiving K25 an hour if their demand was met.
“This is more than 10 times the new minimum wage of K2.29 an hour set by the National Minimum Wages Board,” a member told The National yesterday.
“How would the caddies justify this? The demand is ridiculous.”
The member, who declined to be identified, said caddying at a social golf club was not a demanding job and many of the caddies were not properly trained anyway.
“Most are only capable of pulling the bag, cleaning the ball and clubs,” he said.
“They cannot read the greens or tell you the right club to use.
“Many are just kids.”
Another member said that to his knowledge, most caddies were paid at least K20 a round and were also bought a drink and food which amounted to about K7.
“That’s at least K27 for four hours of work. I know of a few members who pay more.”
The golfers said the caddies’ decision to go on strike last Saturday was unfortunate as they had only deprived themselves of some income.
“We are paying them a decent rate, especially when we consider that most of them are only youngsters,” a member said.
“A hardworking caddie could earn about K100 over the weekend by pulling the bag in the morning and afternoon.”
Club president Graham Osbourne spoke to the caddies who were present on Saturday but declined to comment when approached by The National.
He told the caddies he would discuss the matter with the club committee.
Most, if not all, of the caddies returned on Sunday.