Cadet soldiers complete training

The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

Papua New Guinea Defence Force cadets from Igam were given their final training exercise before pass out at Situm Primary School outside Lae yesterday.
The 26 cadets, including three females, showcased their navigational and combat skills through mock battles, setups and three hours of marching back to their barracks.
Senior instructor Major Fred Towowoda said the cadets had gone through 18 months of training and yesterday’s  exercise was the final one before they would pass out in two weeks.
“The training programme prepares them for all elements of service including physical, mental and emotional skills,” he said.
Towowoda said the 18 months’ training included basic soldiering skills, defence tactics and the ability to command and lead.
“Their final training was to demonstrate and practise all the skills that they had acquired,” he said.
“They have gone through a lot of preparations like having less meals and sleep deprivation to enhance their mental and physical fitness.”
Towowoda thanked the Australian Defence Force for its support.