Call to address gender violence


A human rights group in Kairuku-Hiri, Central, is calling for support from its government to combat gender-based violence.
Lucy Peter, a counsellor for the Hope Project funded by ChildFund PNG, said there had been declining support from police and Kairuku-Hiri district administration for the past two years.
She said there was more work to be done in addressing GBV as ChildFund ended its three-year project next month.
Peter said government support was needed to strengthen pathways and support services such as a safe house for survivors, police family sexual violence unit, and a medical treatment support centre.
“When survivors in the community call the Wantok Service hotline in Port Moresby, they direct the survivors to us,” she said. “There are missing referral pathways. There is no safe house to accommodate high-risk survivors.
“Even perpetrators are not being picked up by police after receiving a call from us.
“We feel that we are neglecting the right of the survivors when justice is not served. We were supposed to also provide counselling to the perpetrators.
“That has not been the case.
“They are reluctant to come forth.
“We need assistance from our Central Governor Robert Agarobe, Kaikuru-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo and non-government organisations to support us help survivors and counsel perpetrators.”