Call army in to recapture Kapris

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013

 I AGREE with the comments made by Deputy Police Commissioner Simon Kauba that certain rogue elements in CIS and the police possibly played a role in the escape of William Ka-pris and now the same rogue elements are protecting this criminal.

When Kapris escaped from Bomana prison, certain senior police officers in NCD assured the public and the Government that Kapris would be recaptured “soon”.  

Soon has become months and Kapris is still free as a bird.

Kapris may well be plotting and scheming with his cronies to carry out another robbery.  

Why are the rogue policemen allowing this criminal to hold this nation at ransom?  

The rogue policemen and warders have sold their souls to Kapris for a few bucks.  

The millions of kina that the government is spending on this so-called recapture exercise is a waste of public funds.  

How can you use as many as 1000 police and CIS personnel in the recapture exercise and still fail to apprehend Kapris?  

I urge Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the NEC to take firm action. 

The police and CIS and must now engage the Defence Force to capture Kapris.  


Frustrated Citizen

Port Moresby