Call for colleges to teach ethics


THERE needs to be a standardised model and cost of building nursing colleges in the country and Lae School of Nursing has set that model, Minister for National Planning and Monitoring Richard Maru says.
Speaking during a visit to the college last week, Maru also called for workplace ethics to be incorporated in the curriculum for nursing schools in the country.
Maru was accompanied by HIV/Aids Minister Sir Puka Temu, Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis and Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu to the college last Friday.
Maru gave an example of a health worker having an argument with a family member in front of patients  and urged nursing school administrations to teach their students how to manage family issues and conduct themselves at work.  Maru and Sir Puka acknowledged the Australian government’s partnership in the redevelopment of Angau Memorial Hospital and the Lae School of Nursing.
“Lae School of Nursing facilities set the benchmark to develop a standardised design and set costs in building nursing colleges in the country,” Maru said.
“All nursing colleges must also encourage teaching workplace ethics to enable their students’ performance on the field to enhance their abilities and skills in patient care.”
Maru told planning Secretary Hakaua Harry to take note of the Lae School of Nursing staff housing needs.
High Commissioner Davis said the Australian government was pleased to work with the PNG government in the Angau redevelopment programme including the nursing school to provide scholarships for training to meet the high demand for health workers in country.