Call to deal with rogue cops


It is my second time to reside at Gordon in Port Moresby.
I regularly see police officers at Gordon chasing the market vendors away without alerting them.
They even use their wantoks to collect taxes of K2 per head at the market.
Sometimes they used police vehicles to chase vendors away with no care whether they get injured or not.
Vendors are always in fear when selling their stuff to earn an income.
The little money they earn is used to pay their children’s school fees, bus fares and food to feed the family.
I wander what are police motives behind their terrible actions.
I wish that if some of the vendors exercise their civil rights and prosecute those policemen and women.
I am one of the successful applicants for police training at Bomana and it really saddens me to see the force’s good reputation tarnished by a minority.
Is the Gordon station commander part of them?
These actions take place right in front of the police station.
I appeal to the station commander to deal with those police officers involved in such corrupt practices.

J Paliabe (C-rox mixed Hela)
Peropia lai, Port Moresby

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