Call to fix bad roads in Lae


ONE of the worst roads in a Papua New Guinea urban area is Independence Drive in Lae.
The road starts city from University of Technology bus stop all the way to Nabak Market at Bumayong.
This road was built mainly to cater for the people of Nawaeb and displaced settlers of 5-Mile affected by the flooding in late 1972.
This road leads to Government institutions such as Telikom College, Tent City Police Barracks, Momase Regional Police Headquarter and Igam PNG Defence Force Barracks.
Almost 40 per cent of the Lae population lives in these areas and up towards Busu.
The road is used as the boundary of Huon Gulf and Lae electorates.
From there to Nabak Market is the boundary of Nawaeb and Lae electorates.
When it rains, the road floods with water, carrying rubbish and debris from Yamandi Settlement at the back of Bumayong Secondary School.
This runs all the way past Unitech, down to Limki-Malabu Settlement, causing traffic jams and posing a serious danger to pedestrians and people driving along that particular road.
Morobe provincial government and Works Department should be discussing this as a main agenda.
It should be funded by the provincial support improvement programme (PSIP) with the support of Lae, Huon Gulf and Nawaeb MPs.

Frankie Aros Poros

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