Call for action


SOUTH Fly District in Western has been on the mainstream media spotlight lately.
The theme centred on its deteriorating building and road infrastructure and the succumbing plight of it to regain its long gone glory.
Daru, once a pearl of the Western, is now worn out with its colonial era building and road infrastructure.
A trend in plight that has left the town gasping for relief in development challenges.
A tremendous development pressure is now mounted on our leaders’ shoulders.
The CEO and MP of the district is no exception as a mandated leader.
After his declaration as MP, he has gone into silence.
The people of South Fly should have mistakenly dumped their three’s unwittingly, thus, giving him a jump to the winning line!
That’s what most of us have figured.
Consequently, we have an MP who is deemed incapable of running a district.
The town hosts challenges in market facelift; empower town authority; effective partnership with business houses; and the list goes on.
Today, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the MP remains undisturbed in his comfortably tucked in bed.
He is in a deep slumber!
Daru is the forefront, a border province sharing two international borders with Australia and Indonesia respectively.
These two countries are battling with the Covid-19 and the chances of it leaking out to our shores is just a fingertip away.
The MP should be proposing hard for a quarantine facility to be erected in Daru given that the Government has declared more than K100mil in preparation for the nations’ fight against the virus.
Seki Agisa holds a vice-ministerial role that he seems to overlook all this time as a powerful bargaining tool.
Or does he need to bargain anyway?
Daru for that matter is sitting on a ticking time-bomb.
I refer back to one of the deadly cholera outbreak in the history of the island some years ago that claimed 100’s of lives.
It was due to unpreparedness!
The Covid-19 will weed us out in one sweep and leave a disserted ghost town bellowing with carcasses of victims.
As the Government lockdown takes effect, we have our only secondary school in the district shutting down consequently.
Unfortunately, most of the students are from the mainland South Fly and have been left to struggle to find transport back home.
The students have been living out of the school with relatives in town and settlements while waiting for maintenance of dormitories to complete.
It’s a nightmare now!
On top of the pressure over prolonged maintenance is the issue of Covid-19 and we can only imagine how much these poor children are going through.
The people of South Fly now call upon the MP to come out of your hiding and address us as our mandated leader as we all brace for contact with the Covid-19.
Should the dreaded virus reach our shore we have no option but to ridicule you to total shame for denying and forgetting your people outright in the expense of our precious lives.
You have an obligation that is paramount and either you act immediately or be merely snobbish will determine life and death of your people in the district.
Please erect a proper quarantine facility with appropriate staff training today for we never know what tomorrow brings!
Lastly, help repatriate students to their respective areas.
They cannot afford to stay around here.
The people of your electorate await your intervention no sooner than later. Bala please step-up!

Concerned South Fly District Barramundi

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