Call for all LLG leaders to be on committee

National, Normal

The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 LOCAL level government presidents are concerned about being left out of Joint District Planning and Budget Priority Committee (JDP&BPC) meetings.

President of Ialibu Basin LLG, in the Imbonggu district, Southern Highlands, Robert Dopo said only a few presidents were present during such meetings but most of them often missed out on having a say on their K10 million government grant.

Dopo said developments were taking place as a result of JDP&BPC meetings in which road rehabilitation, building of foot bridges, supporting school and health infrastructures and many other projects were discussed.

“I am concerned that every LLG president in the districts, local MPs plus the administration should sit together and discuss the future of the district,” he said.

He said JDP&BPC approved the LLG budget, made recommendations to the provincial government on budget allocations and drew up the five-year district development plans.

“This is an important role the JDP&BPC plays and how can only a few interested people, including the MPs, make the decision for everyone? We need transparency and fairness.” 

Dopo said he was happy with the new amendment bill to have the district development authority (DDA) to replace the JDP&BPC but it  would still  be chaired by the open MP and would have the same membership as the JDP&BPC.

“It is good that the district administrators will be the chief executive officers of the authority and all public servants to be under the control of the CEO,” he said.

“We would see greater change in the districts through the district development authority and we are happy with the government of the day.

“The bill amends the organic law on provincial government and local level governments and we LLG presidents want every LLG president to be present for the important meeting and not just a few interested parties,” Dopo said.