Call for authorities to build new Lae library

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

A LONG serving librarian is still waiting for a new library to be built in Lae, Morobe.
Lucy Sevese from Manus is one of the longest serving librarian in the country and is in charge of the public library in Lae.
Sevese started working as the Morobe provincial librarian in 1991 and has been serving in the province for more than 20 years.”
“I was looking after the public library in Lae until 2006 when it was shut down and given to the current UPNG open college centre in Lae by the Provincial government.
“Since 2005, I brought all the books to the old resource centre and kept them in containers and boxes.
“I have donated some of the books to children at the hospital, CIS, schools and other institutions.
Currently, I am left with just a handful of novels and history books.”
In 2014, a proposed library site structure was unveiled.
She was advised in a letter that the K3.1m four stories building would accommodate the archives, library, resource centre and other office space. She is still waiting for the actual construction to take place.
“I appeal to the Morobe provincial authorities to see to it that this project is carried out soon,” Sevese said.