Call for Central villagers to live in peace, contribute to development


POLICE are appealing to villagers in Central to live in peace and harmony and contribute to the economic and social development of the nation.
Chief Sergeant Lawrence Kilei said the people should solve social problems as soon as possible in the villages and not wait for the police to do it.
Kilei spoke on Saturday at the Walai village during law and order awareness. “You are all families residing in the village. So you are supposed to live in harmony among yourselves. And if there are disputes, solve them in a family manner. I’m asking the youths not to smoke marijuana and drink homebrew because when under the influence of these illicit substances, you can get into problems and disturb peace in the village.”
Meanwhile some youths involved in anti-social behaviour during the New Year prepared a feast and apologised to the rest of the villagers. They also promised not to repeat the behaviour and would help maintain peace in the village.