Call for consistant supply of drugs to rural outposts

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A HEALTH worker in a remote rural station has called for a consistent supply of medicine to rural outposts to deliver effective health services.
Kabwum District Health Centre community health worker Dibong Diwong said the centre had been without medicine and antibiotics for the past three months to treat patients.
“I sent an order for supplies to Lae almost three months ago (August) but haven’t received anything to date which has affected people seeking treatment,” Diwong said.
He had to turn patients away and advised them to go to Etep Health Centre which is about a two-hour drive away.
It will take about four hours to walk there.
“We also advise them to use traditional medicines and herbs,” he said.
“With between 10,000 to 12,000 people in the community who needed treatments at the health centre, it is tough for us.”
Diwong said they had a shortage of panadol and amoxicillin (tables, capsules and suspension), septrim, crystalline, intravenous fluids and personal protective equipment.
The orders usually take two months. Another order will be sent this week for supplies.
A nurse who requested anonymity said the center lacked equipment to care for women giving birth, intravenous fluid and PPEs.
He said blood loss during child birth was risky for women when there was no intravenous fluid, forcing them to travel to another health center where a doctor was stationed.
“It’s is risky taking them down on the two-hour drive to the Etep Health Center,” he said.
No comment could be obtained from the health department in Morobe yesterday.


  • Failure after failure of our healthcare system. Getting priorities wrong to use scarce resources in the right places. What happened to multimillion kina company that government contacted over the years to supply medicine? Why waste millions of kina on minor activities that benefit 0.00001% of the population? We have moral and ethical issues to deal ensuring people first is yet miles away. If our PM gets his priorities wrong what good can you expect that he can deliver people centered decisions during his term. We thought he was taking the right course of direction, however in the last few weeks PM focus has changed. He needs to refocus.

  • And people in urban centers spend a fortune on pharmaceutical companies or simply buy basic drugs on the streets. A deplorable situation. What happened to take back PNG? Or does it only apply to our more affluent citizens?

  • All govts don’t care. All MPs & bureaucrats are working for their own pockets. Waigani & all the way down to districts.

    Too much talk, no change.

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