Call for controls

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The National, Friday October 18th, 2013


SOME mechanisms have to be put in place to control the increase of settlements in Lae, a senior police official said yesterday.

Lae police operations commander Fred Kaiwa said this following an increase in ethnic clashes in city settlements this year. 

“The provincial government must talk with the landowners and they must plan, monitor and regulate settlements,” he said.

“Landowners must screen people they invite to come and settle on their land.”

Kaiwa said police noted that people tended to live in big ethnic groups in settlements which meant fueling problems was easier.

“Little things that can be resolved maturely turn into full-scale ethnic clashes because of this,’’ Kaiwa said.

In most instances, youths under the influence of alcohol and marijuana create these problems, he said.

Kaiwa’s observation comes after five serious ethnic clashes were reported in the city this year.

He said police lacked manpower and they could not be everywhere at the same time to address law and order issues.

“We have 300 officers. We need between 500 and 1,000 officers more,” he said.